1) Semiconductor laser processing: In this line of research we pursue fabrication of functional photonic structures on and under the surface of semiconductor materials such as silicon. The research involves use of ultrashort infrared laser pulses, optical instrumentation, optical characterization. The researchers are expected to have background in lasers and light-matter interaction.

2) Multilayer plasmonics: Thin film coating techniques such as atomic layer deposition, thermal evaporation and sputtering will be employed to fabricate 2D, 1D and 0D metal-insulator-metal nanostructures. 1D and 0D structures will be chemically synthesized. 2D structures will be constructed by deposition techniques. Optical or laser interference lithography techniques will be employed. Experience in any related technique is a plus.

3) Optical nanoantennae: Nanoantennae with various geometry and sizes will be fabricated by e-beam lithography and focused ion beam milling. Numerical simulations will be run and compared to experimentally determined properties. Optical characterization will be performed by dark and bright field spectroscopic techniques. Experience in microfabrication, microscope and spectrometer operation is a big plus.


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