ALES ≥ 75



1. ALES score type has to be quantitative.

2.Turkish Citizens' applications are evaluated according to ALES exam score. GRE scores of applicants with only a GRE score are converted to ALES score.

CCGPA: Converted CGPA according to YÖK chart. Cumulative GPA (CGPA) expressed in 4.00 scale is converted to 100 scale according to the conversion chart of YÖK (Higher Education Council of Turkey).

3. Two reference letters and a letter of intent are required.

4. If needed, written exam or oral interview may be administered.

5. All communication regarding the application are carried out using the e-mail address of the applicant that is stated in the application.

*Among the applicants, those who meet the following minimum criteria will be evaluated.

(ALES +YGNO (YÖK çevrimine göre 100 üzerinden dönüştürülmüş olarak))/2≥70

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