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MNT 501: Introduction to the concept of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Unique mechanical, physico-chemical, electrical, optical and magnetic properties of nanomaterials as a result of reduction in dimensionality. Synthesis methods of various nanomaterials. Nano and microfabrication techniques. Applications of nanomaterials in catalysis, electronics, optoelectronics, composite technology, environmental science, biotechnology and biomedicine. Quantum computing.

 MNT 501 Syllabus

General Rules: Fall 2020-21



MNT 502: Experimental and computational techniques of characterization at nanoscale. Theoretical and experimental studies. Structural characterization techniques such as Electron Microscopy (SEM/TEM), particle size analysis. Spectroscopical techniques (XPS, AES, TOF, SIMS, NMR, FTIR and Raman).

 MNT 502 Syllabus




This course is the must course only for the students who started the program at/after 2016-2017 Fall semester.

It should be taken as MNT 592 (8710592), section:1 (The section code is for 2018-1 and it could be changed for further semesters. Time: Thursdays: 10:40-12:30 and Place: Beyaz Amfi).

MNT 592 (8710592)