Last Updated:
18/04/2022 - 16:08

You can choose your electives either from the following list or any other technical courses available in the university. These are the courses suggested by our department as electives.

Generally, you can take maximum three courses from the same department (for Restricted and Elective courses). The other 2 courses have to be from a different department!


From Physics Department:

PHYS 401 Atomic Physics (3-0)3

PHYS 409 Physics of Condensed Matter I (3-0)3

PHYS 430 Statistical Thermodynamics (4-0)4

PHYS 531 Solid State Theory I (3-0)3

PHYS 721 Simulations of Many-Particle Systems (3-0)3


From Chemical Engineering Department:

CHE 511 Catalysis (3-0)3


From Biological Sciences Department:

BIO 420 Biochemistry (3-0)3


From Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department:

METE 456 Surface Processing of Materials (3-0)3


From Chemistry Department:

CHEM 542 X-ray Analysis (3-0)3